Planet Bike offers a full range of mecanical services for your bike. We have a list of all of our services down below. All unindicated labor will be $45/hour. There are no appointments needed and we offer free estimates and turn around dates before you leave your bike here. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at either location!

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A bike will be delivered to your residency. This only applies to those in the San Antonio area. 

The bottom bracket will be taken apart, cleaned, and regreased.

Adjustment of any cable controlled breaking system. Including but not limited to: cantalever brakes, V-brakes, and mecanical disk brakes.

The drivetrain of a bike will be completely cleaned and lubricated to run smoothly. 

Set up by appointment, this fit will be more involved by our certified fitters. Saddle height, fore and aft setting of saddle, reach, plumb line, and much more will be done to make sure you have a good fit for your bicycle. 

Cutting the seat post to the appropriate length and filing away to a safe, smooth edge. 

Cutting the steer tube of the bike to an appropriate length.

Adjusting of the derailleurs of the bike to make sure it can run through its gears smoothly. 

If a derailleur hanger is bent, we will bend it back and align it properly so that it can run through the gears properly. 

If a bike has hydraulic disc brakes, we will bleed them so you have properly working brakes. 

A bike will be taken apart, properly wrapped in packing material and put in a bike specific box. We will not ship the bike, this is only to prepare it for traveling or shipping. 

Stan's No Tubes system will be installed in your tire. 

We will align a bent disc rotor straight again so it can brake properly. 

If a wheel is out of alighnment, we will straighten it out to run true again. This is also involved in replacing missing spokes. 

The Standard Tune-up entails both derailleurs and both brakes being adjusted, both wheels are trued, bicycle frame is wiped down, the chain is lubricated, all bolts are tightened, tires are inflated, and all components inspected for wear. 

A boxed bike will be unpacked, put together, and completely adjusted. 

Make sure that the saddle height and reach is at the right heights and lengths to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. 

Includes Standard Tune-up plus a more detailed frame and wheel clean up and a complete drivetrain degreasing and lubrication. 

Installation of full aero bar with bar shifters.

Installation of clip-on aero bars. 

Properly wrapping bar tape or installing grips onto your handlebars. 

Installation of the bottom bracket for your bikes. 

Installing and aligning brake pads of your bike.

Installing in a new brake or derailleur cable. 

Putting in a brand new cassette on the rear wheel of your bike. 

Installation of a new chain for your bike. 

Installating new cleats to your shoe.

Installation of basic computer that does not have any other attachments associated with them.

Installation of a computer with cadence or heart rate monitor attachments. 

Installing and tuning out a new derailleur for your bike. 

Installing new disc brake pads for your bike.

Installation of a new fork for your bike. 

Installing a new handlebar for your bicycle. 

Installing a new headset for your bike. 

Installing in new housing for your bike. 

Installation of a new kickstand on your bike. 

Installation of new pedals on your bike. 

Installating of new stem to your bike. 

Includes installation of housting and cables.

Installation of a tube, tire, rim tape, or tire liner when only the wheel is brought in.

Installation of a tube, tire, rim tape, or tire liner when the bike has wheels with quick releases, thru-axles, or off of a brand name, non-department store bike. 

Installation of a tube, tire, rim tape, or tire liner in a bike with no quick releases or a department store bike. 

Installing training wheels for your bicycle.